D’n’B magazine, an online destination for a key demographic that marketers have trouble reaching, is the best place to put your advertising dollars.

Almost entirely accessed by single White males between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five, most of whom are employed in work-at-home and basement-oriented positions, D’n’B magazine will deliver the clients you need for your video game superstore, sweatpants and Crocks emporium, or online dating website.

The demographic that frequents D’n’B’s online database of Theremin recordings, biographies of artists of electronic musical geniuses and sheet music for the at-home Theremin enthusiast have 23.67% more disposable income than the national average, and are more likely than the average to be at home and online during key purchasing times of Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday during the day.

Without the distraction and needless expense of a mate of any kind, the D’n’B demographic is proven to spend more, spend with less forethought, and purchase repeatedly from merchants like Intimacy Home Delivery, Pleasure Emporium, and the Crocs and Sweats Warehouse.

Advertising packages start at just $40 per month, and will run your banner ad for up to 1000 clicks before rotating to a different ad. There is no limit to the exposure your business can receive when you market with D’n’B online. The targeted nature of the D’n’B demographic is a gift we give to our advertisers – our subscribers will never change, and will love you as much as they love the Theremin.

D’n’B is your advertising partner.