Electronic Music: How to Use Electronica to Attract Women and Have a Better Life

When I was a young man out of college and starting my life on my own, my room in my parent’s house seemed small and a poor place to bring a date. That didn’t stop me! I used my extensive knowledge of electronic music to create an expansive musical space that made women feel comfortable and eager to spend more time in my presence.

The atmosphere that I constructed was that of a romantic villa in the Maldives, complete with warm wading pools and a sunny but frozen tundra that encouraged my conquests to feel nurturing and yet vulnerable in my presence.

The Theremin was, of course, the instrument I used to begin developing a relationship that would potentially last a few hours, and would involve long conversations in which I would explain musical terminology and demonstrate the beauty of Theremin music.

The story told by the Theremin would weave a complex and warm cloak to drape about the shoulders of my date, and envelop both of us in a haze of electronic music.

Other strategies I employed to develop relationships in my younger years were not nearly as successful as those I use today.

My wife of ten months has told me many times how much she appreciated the electronic music composition that wooed her in my bathroom (yes I did get one of those funky sound emitting heads, check out this top rated shower heads article), and which I personally performed at our wedding ceremony in Vegas accompanied by the Elvis who married us.

The saxophones, African drums and extensive choir backing my performance was the highlight of our ceremony. I will often re-enact that special day through the performance of an intimate dance and musical stylings of the Theremin.

The synesthesia of body and sound will awaken the instincts of any woman, should you choose to put your musical skills to the test and create a relationship that could potentially last a good while

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