When you’re looking for a gift for the person who has everything, a subscription to D n B Street brings the joy of the Theremin and its related instruments to your loved one’s web browser. The emotion and range that the Theremin taps into is showcased in daily blog posts on the subscription-only website, spearheaded by such known artists and aficionados of the Theremin as DJ Red Shirt, Sylvester Hammersmith, Lioness Richardson and Mr. Foxy and the Holo Decks, D’n’B Street is the place to go online for all your underground electronica and Theramin news.

Included in every subscription to D’n’B Street are personal biographies of masters of electronic music utilizing all forms of technological sound production. Learning about the humble origins of a vastly and rapidly expanding genre that merges technology and music can give any art lover a deeper hum of appreciation for the sweet sound of the Theremin.

Apart from learning more about the artists who have mastered electronic music, the subscriber to D’n’B Street will get the opportunity to get their very own top of the line Theremin just by logging in to D’n’B Street once an hour every day for five months.

Who can resist the temptation to explore the soundscapes of the completely man-made, manufactured wistfulness and heartfelt poetry that comes from the Theremin? Earning your own perfect musical instrument is so easy, it will happen before you know it. Access to the online database of Theremin sheet music is included free with each subscription.

For those who feel like music wasn’t discovered before it became completely dehumanized, the D’n’B Street subscription is a cost savings that returns fulfilment beyond measure.

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